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Once you have reported your smartphone stolen or lost your provider will be able to help you track it or will be able to block the phone remotely. You should know that blocking a phone is not the same as locking it. So makes sure that you know whether your service provider is locking or blocking your phone or both.

Phone stolen? Don’t panic

This one is simple but often overlooked. You need to place a PIN code on your phone. This should obviously be memorable but do avoid useless combinations of numbers, such as — this will be the first thing that a thief will try. If you are using an Android phone and are using the pattern unlock feature make sure that this is set up not to show the pattern you use.

It is as important to use a PIN code for your voicemail as it is to use one for your phone.

If you have not done so already set up a PIN for your voicemail now. British Police recommend that you set your phone to automatically lock itself after 60 seconds of inactivity. Downloading a tracking app is vital if you want to recover your stolen phone. According to the Police in the UK these apps are the only way that they can track your device. There are dozens of apps on the Google Play Store and the iTunes store designed to help you track your phone if it is lost or stolen. Many of these operate on a freemium basis, so you have access to some basic features for free but will have to pay to access more powerful ones.

One of the best apps you can download to help you track your phone is Lookout Mobile Security. But more importantly it has a number of features designed to let you recover your phone should it be lost or stolen. Android users that have upgraded to the premium version of the app are able to remotely lock their phones and even wipe them. You can also download Dropbox for iOS and Android smartphones. If the Police do manage to recover your phone you will need to prove that your phone is actually yours.

You will need to make sure each of these will be inaccessible to the person who has taken your phone. These accounts not only give the thief access to post content on your accounts but also allows them to access your personal information, leaving you open to various forms of identity theft. Changing your social media and email passwords is only part of the story. You should also remotely log out of these accounts.

This means that if you are permanently logged into your Gmail or Facebook account on your phone those sessions will be closed and your phone will ask anyone who tries to access them for your username and password. If you use your phone for work, or your phone was given to you by your employer, then you will also need to inform them.

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They may have to declare your phone stolen to Data Protection Authorities and will likely want to see a Police report of the theft. If you have taken insurance out on your phone then remember that many insurance companies require you provide a Police report of the stolen phone. Make sure you know what your insurer requires of you or you could find that even they will refuse to pay out on your stolen smartphone. Keep an eye on your bank account — if someone does have your phone and you are unable to protect it they can rack up a significant bill.

Your financial statements will tell you how your phone is being used. Featured image by Bigstockphoto. Cerberus is an alternative to Lookout and has more functionality.

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Eg send text to phone. Handy if someone has found it rather than stolen it. Antitheft solution: The key feature of this application is finding your stolen phone.

go to link You have to just set your trusted friend or family contact number in Last Hope settings and set your custom Notification. In Lost Hope settings you can send a free message notification to your lost or stolen phone with your contact number where you can be contacted. Trusted persons will get following details of your stolen phone 1. Your mobile phone current location coordinates, 2. Mobile phone IMEI 3. Current Battery Status. GPS Route Finder You can find the best route to any place nearby you and the app will guide you in real time to reach to your destination.

Save Your Favorite Places: You can easily save your favorite places like home, office, gym or any new place etc. Which can help you finding best route to your destination anytime from anywhere by single tap. Set Notification for your Favorite Places: You can easily set notification time for your places like office, gym, home and other places.

This app will notify you for your time to go to that place and you will find best route by just taping on your location. You can set your alarm notification for that place. Like you go to gym daily at AM, so this app will notify you for your gym time and available best route to the gym. You can also navigate to your favorite saved place from anywhere.

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It will help you find best route to your place. You can also share your favorite places with your friends. So, it will be easy for them to locate you.

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